Quote of the Week: Jerry and Candace Briney

From the time our greeter in Arusha quickly acquired our visas until our farewell surprise at Tarangire River Camp, we were in great hands with ADS. As we discussed our day’s sightings in the evenings with other tour groups, we rapidly noticed how much more we had seen each day. Every outing brought new adventures–a beautiful caracal with a rock hyrax in its mouth, a lioness stalking and catching a Thomson’s gazelle, hundreds of wildebeest hurling themselves into the Mara River, a black mamba, bushbabies, or a mother lilac-breasted roller teaching her young to kill a snake only to see the young bird snatched away by a hawk. We thoroughly enjoyed our bird sightings from the large storks, vultures, and ibis to the small lovebirds, kingfishers, and bee-eaters. Our expert guide spotted and identified animals for us every day. We also enjoyed having “Wildlife of East Africa” by Martin B. Withers and David Hosking available to us throughout our journey. Thanks for all of the pre-trip information and help, and the wonderful care along the way.

Jerry and Candace Briney
July 2010

A caracal cat, glancing over his shoulder just long enough for the camera to click!


A beautiful Serval cat, pausing in a clearing before disappearing again under grassy cover.

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