Quote of the Week: Mike and Cheri Ferguson

Our Safari with ADS was so much more than we anticipated. Our expectations were high given the testimonials we read in your posts and the wonderful ADS website which we visited quite often before we left for our trip. From the moment we landed in Kilimanjaro and were met by the ADS staff until the evening we boarded for our flight home, we were well taken care of and looked forward to every one of our 12 days with our guide. His ability to spot game was of constant amazement to us, and as a result, we not only were fortunate to see “The Big Five”, but we saw virtually all of the animals of the Serengeti that are not nocturnal. The overall experience, including the lodging and food, was outstanding, and we are very happy we chose to visit during the first two weeks of May, at the tail end of the rainy season. Because we were there at the beginning of the Wildebeest migration and the grasses were still present, we were able to see all of the animals in their physical prime. The lions, cheetahs and leopards all had full tummies and the plains were at times covered with game. You know a trip is a success when every morning you looked forward to another adventure and never once thought it would be nice to rest and relax for a day. We loved our safari!

Mike and Cheri Ferguson
May 2010

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