Quote of the Week: Stephanie Kahle

Getting back to work and acclimating back to this time have left us with little time in the pm to email you back. We had a wonderful time on our trip. We couldn’t believe how many animals we saw in just the first 2 days! Ryan, my 9 year old, said while grinning from ear to ear in the jeep that he would “recommend this trip to anyone”. We saw everything we had hoped to see and more. We were shocked at how close the animals would be to the jeep. All of the accommodations were excellent. The change to Mbalageti was a surprise, but it was a really neat place. I almost wish we would have had another day there. The service everywhere was excellent, especially the private camp.

We really enjoyed [our guide]. He has great enthusiasm and experience. He was very eager to show and teach us as much as possible. I did want to let you know that I think it was such a great idea that ADS sent him to the USA. He is still just so excited about his experience and feels it gives him a better appreciation for why people come to Tanzania. Also, I wanted to let you know that Jonas, at the private campsite, is absolutely wonderful. He is attentive, hard-working, eager and friendly. He will be an asset to your company. There were no disappointments on our trip. It met and exceeded our expectations. We will definitely send some photos and a comment on the website, but it may take us a few weeks!

Oh, the only thing I will comment on is our visit with Daniel about the Iraqw. He is a very pleasant and knowledgeable man, but his presentation is quite long. It was interesting, but after a long ride in the jeep, a 2 hour talk can be a bit too much. I would kindly ask him to develop a standard 45 minute presentation, and then allow people to ask him questions if they would like more details. This would put his tour at about 1 hour, which seems more appropriate. Thanks again!

Stephanie Kahle
June 2009

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