Quote of the Week: Colleen and Roland Baker

The trip was like no other! From day one, from the moment we left the airport, we were amazed by where we were and by what we saw and by the amazing wonderful Tanzanians. Gosh, it was just over the top, all the way through. We have to acknowledge our guide….just amazing how full of information that young man is, and so patient, and almost having a 6th sense as to where the animals are. He has a wonderful sense of humor too. We saw amazing animals…..a leopard dangling on a tree branch, another leopard sleeping out in the open on a kopje with her 2 babies nearby, a black rhino, a teeny teeny baby elephant with mother, young male lions under a bush eating a water buffalo (that crunching sound will stay with us forever!), a pride of 10-11 lions sleeping under bushes after gorging themselves on a zebra (only the skeleton remained) and a water buffalo (half of it remained), a cheetah on a termite hill, a herd of wildebeest running through the dried lake at the Crater, the bazillions of wildebeest up at the Mara River, and all those birds everywhere. […] This trip has provided us with stories for a lifetime….we only hope we don’t tire out our audiences. Thank you so much for everything.

Colleen and Roland Baker
September 2008

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